Our Purpose

Cultural Exchange – To promote cultural exchanges between the Chinese Canadian community and other Canadians to lead to goodwill and mutual understanding.

Cultural Heritage – To foster and promote the retention of the Chinese cultural heritage within the Canadian context.

Provide Services – To supply cultural, educational, and social services to the community at large, and provide charitable support to the elderly, youth, underprivileged, and under-served populations.

Our History

The CCAKD was founded under charter by the Canadian federal government in 1979. Since its inception in October 1977, our organization has become a recognized representative of the Chinese population in the district. We have contributed in many ways to the local community: participation in the Folklore Festival, sponsorship of Vietnamese boat people refugees, donation of hospital equipment and rooms to Kingston General Hospital and Hotel Dieu hospital, supply of cultural materials to local libraries and schools, donations to disaster relief funds, and assistance of funding to local Chinese heritage schools.

Our Constitution: English | Chinese

Our Executives

Members At Large